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[17 Nov 2004|06:27pm]
[ mood | bored ]

new lj name everyone.



comment to be added to friends list.

4 | You know how i do.

wouldnt it be nice if we could wake uppppppppp [17 Nov 2004|03:34pm]
[ mood | curious ]

school was horrible today. well actually, only the morning. i had 3 quizzes. one in US history, which i have 1st hour, then in biology which i have 2nd hour and then in geometry, which i have 4th. they were all horrible..i think i did pretty good on the history, and i know i got either a B or C on the math and for some reason, i think i did pretty good on the biology..but i dunno...we'll see.

after lunch, the day was good.
health we had a sub..so we basically just sat there and talked.
gym was handball..but we didnt really play. me tori and katie just stood there starring at people to see how long it would take for them to notice.

katie got that one song stuck in my head.."wouldnt it be nice if we could wake up, in the morning when the day is new." i dont even know if those are the right words but i sang it all in the locker room and after school.

theres a hockey game..that i wont be attending. good luck boys.

i wore ashleys sweatshirt today that i stole from her in the beginning of 8th grade hoping she wouldnt remember..but she did = /
havent decided if i will be returning it to her or not..i mean after all, its been over a year and she hasnt mentioned anything about it...haha =D unless of course she REALLY wants it..then i will give it back.

besides the stupid thing for US history..but that doesnt count.

Kristin should be dropping me off my CD for real today..but ya know i have been saying that for the past 3 days.

im going to the keller band/choir concert tonight with mel cuz her choir teachers crazy and they have to go critique a play..pretty gay if you ask me. but w/e, it'll give me something to do.

time to go.
talk to everyone later.


Next Hot Tamale Game:
Friday, November 19th. 10:30 pm at the soccer dome.

2 | You know how i do.

booo [16 Nov 2004|07:38pm]
[ mood | angry ]

one of my best friends is moving to california.

why did you do it.
im not going to lie, i am angry.
you didnt even give me a reason for why you did it.

very depressing.
i am sad.

2 | You know how i do.

baby its youuuu [16 Nov 2004|03:45pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Two updates in a row.
woo hoo.

Today was alright i guess. it went by pretty fast actually, which made me happy. Tomorrows going to be hell though. i have 3 quizzes. i have to make up my US History one, then we have one in biology and then one in geometry..yeah..i have to go in early tomorrow in geometry cuz i dont get it. lol

josh zivonisdjfhksjh really makes me angry. hes in my gym class and not only does he not shower, he acts like a girl and looks like a dinosour. today we played team hand ball and he like stepped on me, so i slammed him into the bleachers, then he punched me, so i pulled his hair and pushed him on the ground. then i let chris castillo and jake take care of him from there. lol

i have so much homework due tomorrow its unbelieveable.
3 assignments in geometry.
1 in US history.
1 in biology.
and 1 in lit and comp.
= like 5 hours of homework. cuute. not to mention i have to study for those retarded quizzes cuz i cant keep failing these damn things. OH, well see i got a D- on my geometry TEST. haha..i suck.

OH MAN..in health, we had to go to this random room and listen to this guy talk about applying for college (ya know cuz im going to be doing that in the near future right?) and stuff like that, and there were like 18 seniors, 5 juniors, 1 sophmore and 3 freshman..and 3 of the seniors were albanian. this one albanian who i talked to's name was..alron..arlon..i have no idea, but he kept talking to me and he was really strange. we had to fill out this thing and one of the spaces said "interested occupation" and i wrote social working and he was like "no jessie, write porno star" hm..then he was like "WHERE YOU LIVE?" woo it was crazy. hes a nice kid though.

krisdick should be dropping off my eminem CD soon. =)

my front door wont open..i dont really know why, but i spent like 15 minutes trying to jank it open. didnt work..and uh my moms gonna freak out. SOME HOW..it's going to get blamed on me, you just watch.

well, i need to go do my homework.

2 | You know how i do.

kum by yaaaaa my lorddd [15 Nov 2004|09:05pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Today went by SO slow..i couldnt stand it.
Health was the slowest..i swear everytime i'd look at the clock only 2 minutes had passed before the last time i checked. it was so retarded.

im so stressed out lately. i have so much homework from when i was sick and i dont have to have it all done until wednesday but i got half of it today!
i cant stop thinking about certain things either..which is making everything worse.

I helped Amber today though..which made me happyish. i kinda miss her..she never comes over any more..i mean we barely talk for the most part. we just recently started talking a lot again. im so used to her being here everyday..but with the different highschools..its hard.

the mayors daughter might be spending the night this weekend. muahahahaha. dont ask.

well i have to go help clean or ill get shot.
k bye.

9 | You know how i do.

dont worry sweetie cuz i already know [13 Nov 2004|04:42pm]
[ mood | okay ]

ive had the flu all week. kinda shitty.
missed 4 days of school. now i have 20 assigments to make up. cuuute.

last night i thought i was feeling better, but i wasnt and deirdre and ashley made me come over. bryce was there. even though we did nothing, it was a lot of fun. bryce got to listen to me and deirdre sing every word to chingy jackpot and other ridiculous songs. ha we're sweet. we sat in the middle of the road..then walked to my house. then they left me to go to the gas station and never returned.

this computer gives me a headache and im almost positive the popups raise my blood pressure.
one of these days im seriously going to throw the whole thing through the window. you watch me.

woo christmas is coming. i want a digital camera of my own:)

i wish i could still lose teeth and get money for it.
i got 10 dollars for 1 tooth once.

ive decided that maddie is officially one of favorite sophmores. yeah she is quite the character. and guess what? we're going snowboarding this winter. how effing sweet is that???????? you know you wish you could come, but too bad.

time to go though cuz i dont like updating much. byee everyone.

9 | You know how i do.

do i come to your office and honk? [07 Nov 2004|04:36pm]
my computer is so fucked up.
it should be shot. im actually surprised its even letting me get into livejournals cuz the past week i havent been able to do shit.

emily had a party friday. her parties are always sweet. kristen came with me..big hit. guys thought she was hot. lol the party was good besides the fact that there were some immature assholes there...but hey, whatta ya gonna do about it. after her party, half of us had to go to the tamale game. 12:30 in the morning/night. ha..yeah pretty interesting. we had to play the Renegades..ashley bourke, kelli patrick..all them. they're good. we ended up winning 4-2..good job everyone. game ended at like 1:30, n we got home at like 2ish..me n kristen watched movies and ate doritos. then we fell asleep. i was soo happy she came over though cuz i hadnt talked to her in so long!

saturday..ah..well kristen left at like 4. johnny and amber walked over and we all went out to eat at coney. it was so much fun. after coney they came back to my house n we hung out in my living room and watched coyote ugly. it was nice to just sit n talk with them...especially because me and amber rarely hang out anymore and i barely ever see johnny. man does it suck without the dondero people :-/

im going out to eat in a little while. red robins. score. melanies tagging along..always fun.

school tomorrow. boo.
well, talk to everyone later.


aint that a bitch.
3 | You know how i do.

woohoo [31 Oct 2004|02:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]

hm..so i havent updated in awhile..sorry folks.

my computers been incredibly retarded for the past week and i havent even been able to get into my livejournal.

popups should die.

anyways..nothing really interesting has been happening..it is halloween and i still have yet to decide on what i'm going to be...heh.

melanie spent the night last night..we were gonna go to a party but then couldnt..psh. we had our own fun. we watched all the scary movies we could..however melanie fell asleep through almost all of them. they dont scare her much..me on the other hand..woo. we watched halloween 5 and freddy kruger something or other and i WANTED to watch the blair witch project, but in the effing middle, a god damn infomercial came on for the last hour. yeah...i wanted to kill it.

we slept till 2..ha how effing sweet are we.

im talking to ally price right now. yeah be jealous all of you.
shes just a cool person..for real though. and i havent commented in her livejournal in like 20 years, which is retarded cuz it used to be in my daily routine.

i talked to brent yesterday..whoooa. first time in a longgggggg time. it was weird..but we had a good conversation.

well, time to go.

there ally, you got your update. you better be the first to comment :) missyoudear.

3 | You know how i do.

[24 Oct 2004|08:50pm]
[ mood | tired ]

well, outdoors over. i'm actually kind of sad about it. i'm not going to see half of the girls from my team till next fall..except for training sessions and any of the girls who are on the Hot Tamales. We lost tonight..its upsetting but thats alright. The first half was amazing..i havent seen our WHOLE team play that well in soo long. it was nice. Second half..i dont know what happened..i guess you could say the first goal was my fault..cuz we were neck n neck n she elbowed me really hard in my chest/stomach and it made me slow down a little..and she scored..but oh well. 2nd goal i dont even remember what caused that. just stupid mistakes im sure. Even though we lost a lot of our games this season-i dont regret anything. i love my team and all the girls on it. we definitely bonded over the season and its so awesome now. i really cant wait till next fall. i hope everyone comes back.

i have so much homework. its retarded.


no more soccer practices..until the indoor trainings start. it'll be nice not having practices for a while i guess..cuz now i can go to peoples houses after school.


well i have to go do my homework..talk to everyone later.

good job blazers. love you all.

You know how i do.

so fresh and so clean, clean. [24 Oct 2004|12:59pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

ha so i definitely was freaking out because i thought my mom had soccer games at 10 and 11..which meant she should have been home at 12ish, and i didnt do any of my chores. ha..checked the schedule..her games were at 11 and 12..phew.

i have to ref at 3:15..dont really want to.
at least its only a U-8 GIRLS game..ah how dreadful will this be.
they are so frusteratng. it seems to amaze me how a team will score, then at the kick off, the team that just scored goes and tries to take the kick off. its like ARE YOU ON CRACK? YOU JUST SCORED. i dont care if they're 8, they should know that crap.

so i have my last soccer game tonight. 6:00 at Groves Stadium. I've been thinking about soccer a lot lately..and how not dedicated i am now n stuff. I've been so angry with my performances this season and i can tell i'm not making my mom proud either. This season has just been so..frusterating. I mean, our teams not even bad..actually we're not bad. we're good. we just..never take our chances and the defense(UH ME)  let stupid goals in. I hate having to listen to jamie and my mom and everyone say "you used to be a little power house. the ball was YOURS and no one elses. now its like you dont even care." I dont know whats wrong with me. I mean i love soccer..i love my team and everyone on it..i just dont know whats wrong with me lately.

I really hope we win though...ending the season with a win would make me happy. extremely.

I have so much homework and i need to clean my room and the living room..so i'm gonna go. talk to everyone later.


3 | You know how i do.

every moment spent with you, is a moment i treasure. [23 Oct 2004|07:39pm]
[ mood | tired ]

yesterday was alright. school was..interesting. dont feel like writing about everythinng.

after school, my grandma took me and melanie shopping at oakland mall. mels quite the little shopper. she actually made me try on the clothes..and told me which ones looked good and which ones didnt..should go shopping with her more often.

came back to my house after.

went to the football. hung out with mikey, uriel, julian, martez, brett and whoever else was over there. didnt step foot on the bleachers. didnt watch one minute of the either.

everyone went to syds after the game. me and melanie went back to my house. lol. i suppose we could have gone, but i just dont like going to peoples houses without being told im allowed to.

First Hot Tamale was last night at 11:30. Played Bishop Foleys JV team. I love how negative me n some others were being before the. i seriously thought we were gonna get our asses kicked..i mean..it was after all FOLEY. yeah, but we ended up winning. 6-2 baby :) we did so good..i've never seen us play that well. GOOD JOB TAMALES.

after that, me and jane went back to leeanns house for the night. they're so fun to hang out with man. i dont even know what time we went to bed..but it was sorta late. all we did was sit in her basement, eat doritos and talk about embarressing and funny childhood memories stories. it was nice to just sit and talk. at like 3 though we went online and leeann showed us all the bitchy/slutty girls from her school.this morning we woke up at like 11:15. leeanns mom made waffles and bacon. it was goodddd. i had a lotta fun over there:)

had a soccer in novi. lost. boo.
terrible weather. cold and pouring. tragic.

have to babysit tonight. moms going bowling. i think i'll catch up on my degrassi..havent watched it in so long. not acceptable.

well im going to go jump in the shower. talk to everyone later.

2 | You know how i do.

im going crazy crazy crazy, justa thinkin about you baby [21 Oct 2004|04:21pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Today was good.

Today was perfect fall weather...for real. i loved it. it made me unusally happy. the whole day i was unusually happy..and its kind of different..ahh.
Christie burned me my CD finally..ah im excited. all my favorite songs are on it. woo hoo celebrate.

my mothers going to conferences tonight. should be interesting.

after school, i just felt this urge to go shopping. i dont even know why, i just felt like it. so i called my grandma and she has to call me when she gets home..but see now i dont really wanna go, cuz it was like a 10 minute urge. like go then or forget about it kinda thing.

in gym, we got to watch the sandlot. what a grand movie..i mean for real, who doesnt like the sandlot?

well thats all for now. talk to everyone later.

see i finally realized, that you are my true love.

11 | You know how i do.

[20 Oct 2004|07:52pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Last soccer practice. yeahhhhh man.
two games this weekend. last two games actually. better win or im gonna be fucking pissed.

lehman made me feel like a complete ass in geometry. ruined that whole hour.

OMG I MET THE GERMAN GUYS!!! they made my effing day man. i dont even remember their names but thats completely besides the point cuz ahhh they are so..ah i want to hug them. i was like "hey do you know felix(another german boy)" to one of them and they were like "AH HA FELIX!" it was so great. what cool kids man. i was over joyed.

so i feel like throwing my computer through the window, but then my mom would get really mad..theres an ungodly amount of pop ups that just HAPPEN to pop up right as im typing. you know of course.

i finally got kristens sn thanks to natalie something or other. how awesome is that?? yeah ive known her for like ever..good story.

Fuzzyduck. duckyfuz.

well i have to go do my geometry and biologyyyyyy so, talk to everyone later.

You know how i do.

[18 Oct 2004|04:13pm]
[ mood | cold ]

yesterday was pretty..alright..

had a soccer game in saginaw..alright can i just say that saginaw soccer players are DIRTTTTTY. damn, i dont think there was ONE time they actually went for the ball when putting in a challenge. stupid fuckers. then they were like "we can get as many yellow cards as we want, its our last game of the season". pftt..i was like ARE YOU ON CRACK? if you get two yellows its a red and if you get a red you cant play the first game of your next season...idiots. last place team talking shit..cuuute.

went out to dinner with leeann and her dad after. we went to Fridays. it was pretty swell. our waitress was a little weird..but hey, whatta ya gonna do. me n leeann both got broccoli/cheese soup, french fries, and a bowl of mashed potatoes..gotta love them carbs. they're a funny family let me tell you. me and leeann were sneaky..we cut open a package of crackers and sugar, and flipped them over so when the waitress would pick them up, they'd spill everywhere. yeah how fucking sweet are we. yeah shut up.

talked to derik on the phone fer i dunno...hes a cool guy. hot guy too. calls me a lot of names though..like a loser and grasshopper..n yeah, hes strange. lol

today was okay. went by pretty fast. got our report cards..all a's n one b in US hist..yeah the test killed me. oh wellllllll though.

soccer practice tonight. dont want to go. who practices in 40 degrees weather.

well talk to everyone later.



1 | You know how i do.

[17 Oct 2004|11:47am]
[ mood | cold ]

i have a soccer game in saginaw today, which means i am going to be gone from 1:00 till 7:00ish..woo hoo. we better fucking win man, cuz if we have to drive an hour and a half for one game, and then lose, im gonna be pissssssed. amber cant play..and neither can harmony. which means we're down one strong forward and our goalie..cutte. OH YEAH..but that means jordan has to play goalie which means _____________ gets to play longer than she should. heh..people from the team know who i'm talking about.

my moms at the soccer dome right now..i could have gone but i was too lazy..ill go next time.

me bryn and melanie went to see Friday Night Lights last night. see we originally wanted to see The Forgotten, but it was sold out. Mr. Scott Lloyd was there, and him and his friends were going to see Friday Night Lights, so we were like..oh screw this, we'll just go see that too. Not knowing anything about it, i was later informed that it was a football movie. It was actually an awesome movie..very intense. at one point bryn was like squeezing my hand..yeah..strange. lol Besides the fact that we had 3 black gentlemen sitting in front of us, mocking almost everything we said, it was fun.

well i should go get ready for my game. wish us luck. talk to everyone later.


4 | You know how i do.

[16 Oct 2004|06:19pm]
[ mood | ahh shit ]

Mother made me go and stand in the freezing rain and watch my brother play soccer.
that only lasted for about 10 minutes-i went n sat in the car.

vince clawson boy came to see me. how nice of him. i kicked him out of my car though.

im hanging out with bryceypoo tonight. should be fun i think..have to find more people to go though. i wanna see the forgotten. yessssss. wanna go? let me know. holymother..that rhymed.

aghhhh i have homework..im not gonna do it till tomorrow night though, cuz doing it today would ruin my methods..procrastinating..yep.

well im freezing..and i dont like it too much. OH YEAH..if you wanna know about the elections or any of that politic nonsense, ask ally price-future president. first FEMALE president to be exact. yep. shes a smart one. likes bush by the way.

talk to everyone later.

4 | You know how i do.

[16 Oct 2004|02:35pm]

alright, so i've definitely decided that it is TOO cold today. i had a soccer game at 12 and i froze my ass off. i had my underarmor, a tshirt and my sweatshirt on at first..then i took off the sweatshirt. i was still cold. we played alright today..we lost..but once again, we should have at LEAST tied them.

my brother has a soccer game at 4..i have to coach. which means i get to go stand in the cold for another hour. yippy.

haunted house last night was overrated. mel went with me. we didnt even make it in. some effing pyscho butcher man decided it would be funny to chase us around the whole school and the police station..so there we are screaming our lungs out and the guy was WALKING towards us..fuckin kook. that was scary enough for me. so i got scared for free and a nice workout. then we had these two kids-1, a girl who seemed like she fuckin drank 5 bottles of mountain dew before she got there. she was like screaming while talking to us. then her bf, whos like 13, supposed to be in 9th grade but was in 7th was smoking cigarettes. it was fucked up.

well im gonna go jump in the shower. talk to everyone later.


You know how i do.

i believe in love...i believe in lovvvve..that revlon commercials on sorry. [15 Oct 2004|06:11pm]

alright so, today was pretty odd. actually, it was a complete blow off. the only classes where we actually did work was in
US history and biology. in us hist. all we did was take notes..n in biology we had a quiz. english was retarded-all we did was listen to mr. cooper blab about stupid shit..and in geometry we had a sub and we had a paper that took 5 minutes to do, so we got the rest of class to just hang out. health was retarded. we were supposed to make ice cream but some people forget their ingredients..gym we watched a movie..fun day.

recieved an interesting note from someone. kind of made me angry and sad at the same time. apparently ive been leading this one boy on..which is completely and utterly overrated and VERY untrue. i lead no one on.

i have two soccer games this weekend. we better win or ill shoot myself.

OH MAN. mary bought a herald this morning and i read it with her. read most of it and wanted to shoot myself. yesss.

so a lot of the sophmore guys have been calling me erin because apparently ilook like erin whiles? even though i definitely dont...shes super fucking pretty.

well im leaving. byee everyone.


i like one hot boy :-D

8 | You know how i do.

[12 Oct 2004|06:57pm]
[ mood | cold ]

single again.
boys are worthless. yes, im a hypocrit.

stayed at school alllllllll day. ferreal. cuz i stayed fer the freshmans soccer practice (why? dunno), then went to the JV and Varsity soccer games. how wonderful...got to stand in the freezing cold, get "dumped" and watch the guys i was hanging out with hump eachother-wonderful use of time.

oh em gee..i dont have to go to soccer practice tomorrow! how fucking awesome is that?
ahh shit..but i have to babysit. damnit, i hate little kids. oh well, easy money. put the kids in front of the tv-put em in bed at like 8-easy shit.

oh man, you know what i hate? i'll tell you. i hate when you try to be nice to someone and you like tell them one thing and they automatically start to assume you're like best friends...then they follow you everywhere n you just wanna be like "DUDE GO THE FUCK AWAY!" but you wont say that cuz you want to be nice even though they're driving you so crazy you wish you could shoot yourself..yeah, you know you've felt like that before.

woo hoo. pessimistic. no way.

welllll, i am leaving now because i am tired and cold.

peace the fuck out.
wow, never again.


7 | You know how i do.

[11 Oct 2004|07:47pm]
[ mood | tired ]

today was worthless i tell ya.

all my classes were retarded, except gym..and thats only because there was a sub. the guys in my class and the other class decided it would be fun to play dodge ball using basketballs, footballs and volleyballs. interesting to watch. was definitely hoping someone would get nailed in the nuts, unfortunately, that did not happen.

yeah so, i had a teacher ask me if i was depressed today because i had my head in my hands..it was retarded. i was like "uh, no, i'm tired.." yeah, shoot yourself now.

soccer practice was shitty. jamie got mad cuz not many of us brought our balls-made us run 4 laps..ended up running 8 or 9 all together which in the end would probably equal out to a mile, mile and a half. cuute. even though we need to run more cuz we're all out of shape and its pathetic.

oh man, i have NOTHING to do tomorrow..im overly excited..i get to come home and sleep..aw gosh. i cant wait.

saw reise today at the kimball vs dondero game. how nice.

well i'm going to bed.



2 | You know how i do.

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